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Sharon and Kor have known each other since 1998. Kor is a true artist who loves jewelry, metals and designing, he's extremely versatile and loves a challenge. He is currently working on a very unique earproject, you should find more info about that in a short while...

Kor was already active back in 1998 making piercing jewelry made of stainless steel and titanium for Body Manipulation (the first professional piercingshop in the Netherlands) and for Painless Peter at Tattoo Peter. When Sharon took over Peter’s piercing space, she also continued working with Kor.

Years later, Kor and Sharon started doing body suspensions and scarification. And then, in 2017, Sharon approached Kor if he wanted to be her teacher in making piercing jewelry and they started working together.

Sharon only took some jewelry classes in the early nineties and has been a professional body piercer since 1996. Together with her partner Duncan, she is the owner of Inkstitution and Classic Glamour, Rotterdam, tattoo and piercing.

Sharon started her first piercingshop Dare 2 Wear, Amsterdam in 2003. This shop is famous not only in Amsterdam but on an international level as well. She then opened her second store CLASSIC ink&mods, Amsterdam in 2008, which is situated on Rokin, the red carpet, most famous and beautiful street of Amsterdam.

High quality and best service have always been her motto and to compliment her love for jewelry, she decided to become a jewelry maker. Since then, Classic Gold Amsterdam started creating beautiful handmade designs which are available at these 3 shops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

With our jewelry we stand for high quality, handmade, 14 carat gold pieces that will make your body and mind proud to wear.


Our jewelry is available in store and we offer jewelry purchase online.

We hope to be able to make all your piercing jewelry wishes come true!

You are welcome to send us your thoughts & jewelry ideas by mail to




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